City Line 'Berlin' ​has long lasting large blue flowers and is mildew resistant.. Grows 24-36" tall. No prunning needed. Best in Sun to part sun.

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Annabelle has large stunning  white flowers, grows 3-5' tall and 4-6' wide. Plant in part shade and avoid dry soils. Blooms on new wood, cut back in late winter, early spring to encourage new growth. 

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Schizophragma or Japanese Hydrangea Vine is a cousin to the climbing hydrangea and similar in growing habit. It's flowers are slightly fragrant and larger than the climbing hydrangea.

we carry over ten varieties of Hydrangeas in nearby Pittsburgh

Limelight's huge flowers start out lime green and changes to white, pink, and then  burgundy. Extremely winter hardy and reliable bloomer. Grows 6-7' tall and 6' wide. We often carry the tree version as well.

Climbing hydrangeas need a strong support system, these plants will grow 30-80' tall, but tolerates pruning to make into a shrub. Can grow in sun or partial shade. they cling to walls, trees, and trellises by aerial roots and twining vine tips.

Oakleaf Pee Wee is a cultivar of Oakleaf Hydrangea that is most valued for its smaller size. Grows 3-4' tall and 3' wide. Every part of it is smaller, from its leaves and flowers to its overall dimensions. Plant in partial sun. Blooms on old wood; prune to shape in summer after flowering. Remove weak, damaged stems in early spring.

City Line 'Berlin has large pink summer flowers change to green with age. Compact. Disease resistant. Soil pH will affect bloom color. Light Requirement: 

Part Sun to Sun. No pruning needed!

Very high level of mildew resistance. Mound the mulch or leaves around your plants at least 12” high to protect the flower buds that will bloom early next year.

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Endless Summer was the first hydrangea discovered that blooms on the previous year’s woody stems and the new season’s growth. Plant in full morning sun with dappled shade in the afternoon. no pruning needed. Mound the mulch or leaves around your plants at least 12” high to protect the flower buds that will bloom early next year.

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Flower color may range from blue to pink to white, all soft, delicate shades perfect for refined gardens. Pruning is generally not needed, blooms on new wood! Plant in part sun to sun.

Oakleaf Hydrangea "Alice' is noted for its oak-like leaves. Grows 6-8' tall and wide. Excellent for blocking unwanted views. Blooms on old wood. Remove weak, damaged stems in early spring. Sun to part shade.

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Pinky Winky  is a panicle hydrangea starts out white and turns pink from the bottom up. More narrow than Quick Fire, it grows 6-8' tall. A reliable bloomer, prune in late winter or early spring.


Little Lime is a smaller version of Limelight, this compact reliable bloomer is great for small spaces or mass plantings. Grows 3-5' tall and wide. Flower colors fade from green to white to pink.

Quick Fire is one of the earliest blooming panicle hydrangeas. Flowers open pure white then turn pink, and will be an extremely dark rosy-pink in the fall. Has excellent fall foliage color. Plant in part sun to sun. Panicle hydrangeas bloom on new wood, which means they can be pruned in spring and will still bloom that season. We recommend cutting them back by about one-third their total height in early spring, just as the new growth is beginning to emerge on the stems.